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Your vehicle’s exhaust system is extremely important. It greatly affects the performance of your car or truck, and it can also save your life by diverting deadly carbon monoxide fumes away from the vehicle. Here is what you need to know about your exhaust system and how to identify if you might have exhaust problems that you’ll want to get inspected and repaired at Vehicle Masters.

The Purpose of the Exhaust System

When the exhaust system is doing its job, you won’t even notice it. The main purpose is to divert exhaust fumes away from your engine and decrease their harmfulness. If those exhaust fumes are not being expelled properly, then it can lead to major deterioration within the engine compartment. Likewise, a build-up of carbon monoxide gas can be deadly if it starts seeping into the passenger cabin.

A well-running exhaust system will reduce your vehicle’s emissions and it can even improve your fuel economy. Vehicle Masters has all your exhaust system maintenance and repair needs covered.

Custom Exhaust Shop

Vehicle Masters is your local shop for custom exhaust and muffler work on your car, truck or SUV.  Contact us to learn about how we can enhance your ride with a performance or show muffler, catalytic converter or exhaust system.  


Exhaust System Components

There are four primary components to most traditional exhaust systems:


Exhaust Manifold

Connects to the engine and expels exhaust fumes away from the engine and into the other exhaust system components.



Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter will burn off and remove as much of the toxins as possible in your exhaust fumes, thus reducing air pollution and minimizing deadly carbon monoxide.


The muffler minimizes the sound coming from your exhaust, so that your vehicle runs as quietly as possible (unless you have a custom exhaust that you want to sound louder on purpose).


Pipes connect the various exhaust system components to conduct the travel of the fumes, ultimately expelling out of the tail pipe at the back of your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

How do you know if your exhaust is broken?

If you notice vibrations/rattling, you may have an exhaust issue.  If your car is vibrating, losing power or making a loud rattling sound, it may be a problem with your catalytic converter that you’ll want to have checked out immediately by the expert exhaust repair technicians.

Will exhaust problems cause check engine light?

Your check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons. One of them is a failing catalytic converter. If your check engine light is on, get it looked at as soon as possible. If it is flashing, pull over immediately and call for help.

Why does my car sound so loud when I accelerate?

If your vehicle sounds louder than normal when you step on the gas pedal, it may be a sign that your muffler or exhaust pipes are leaking or getting worn out. Get them checked out asap.

How does exhaust affect fuel consumption?

This can be a sign of many different issues, but exhaust problems are one reason why your fuel economy is starting to diminish.

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your exhaust system, catalytic converter and muffler, count on the team at Vehicle Masters. Call us today at 708-687-9955 or schedule an appointment online.

Dan ThayerDan Thayer
19:58 29 Sep 23
Rogena SmithRogena Smith
23:58 20 Sep 23
Excellent job, Steve service my car promptly, and was helpful and friendly.
Nate HendrikseNate Hendrikse
19:48 19 Sep 23
Vehicle Masters always do a great job. Steve is trustworthy and always explains what’s needed or not needed. They seem to price fairly and always find a spot in their schedule.... Hard to find a mechanic you can trust, but this is the more
Anna FlagleAnna Flagle
17:49 17 Sep 23
After seeing some of the oak forest neighborhood reviews I felt it was necessary to share my family's experience last summer. We took a vehicle here for seemingly routine... maintenance and everything was a disaster. The owner likes to bable about how great he is and how everyone else sucks but he couldn't order simple parts or diagnos simple problems. One day we went here to check on things it took so long we in the neighboring plaza to get food and they warned against doing business with vehicle masters. They said the owner is unhinged and often puts weird and odd posts on his billboard. Makes false claims against the neighboring businesses. We asked the owner about this and he said they are dirty and jealous, odd. Another time we went to check on the car, two of the mechanics were in a heated argument about who screwed up a customer's car. We asked Steve when the car would be done and he just kept talking in circles. When we finally went to pick up the car the was a customer in ther saying his wheel fell off due to their negligence. If you are thinking about going here don't!!! It cost you your and family their lives!! Go on to the oakforest neighborhood blogs and groups and see some of the horror stories about this place! Customers have said the owner doesn't feel confident doing oil changes !!! If thats the case he shouldn't be working on cars at all!! Our vehicle was in worse condition after they worked on it and ultimately we had to trade in. One more thing, the guy doing their drywall was often high and very unprofessional. It looked like he was on meth or crack . Not a good place to bring family or kids.!! Stay away from this place it could cost you your life!!!read more
Matthew NorthMatthew North
14:22 15 Sep 23
Excellent service and pricing. Very professional. Highly recommended.
Ralph HeftRalph Heft
12:04 15 Sep 23
Same owners who owned Merlin mufflers. Great people, very knowledgeable techs. I highly recommend.
Eric CarlsonEric Carlson
13:59 14 Sep 23
Ashley HarrisAshley Harris
19:53 12 Sep 23
Wanda MartinezWanda Martinez
14:39 08 Sep 23
Vehicle Masters owner and technicians in Oak Forest are very knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. Their prices are very reasonable. It has always been a great experience doing... business with more
Peter ClausPeter Claus
00:36 07 Sep 23
I cannot say enough good things about Vehicle Masters. They are honest mechanics and good people. I have complete faith that they will be able to help, give you a fair deal, and... treat you with respect.My wife and I are not really car people, and we brought in a used car that we were thinking of purchasing for a pre-purchase inspection. The person that looked over the car, I think it was Steve, was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and generally cared about whether or not we bought a lemon when he had no monetary reason to. He went through everything with us, explained potential red flags, and even cautioned us about doing business with the specific used car salesman based on his history with him. We ended up not buying the car based on his assessment, and I will be taking the car we did purchase to Vehicle Masters even though it's a good 45 minutes away from our homebase because of how positive our experience with them was.If you're looking for an honest, knowledgeable mechanic, who will treat you with respect, Vehicle Masters is absolutely the place to more
Rebecca HendrikseRebecca Hendrikse
13:04 16 Aug 23
We absolutely trust Vehicle Masters and the owner, Steve, to give us honest, reliable answers and fixes for our cars.
Sam JonesSam Jones
14:33 07 Aug 23
I have been going to Vehicle Masters (formerly Merlin's) for years. Steve and his mechanics have always done a great job on my cars, keeping my two Toyota RAV4s running for... years. Appreciate Vehicle Masters and the great work that they more
Phillip CavazosPhillip Cavazos
02:46 06 Aug 23
I highly recommend “Vehicle Masters Auto Repair”! One thing that is important to me is to trust the people working on my (your) car. I trust this shop because the owner Steve not... only makes time to talk to his customers and explains the details exceptionally well. In my eyes, he is running an honest business. He is currently completing an intricate project on my SUV and with my many years of experience working on cars, Steve did not once try to give me any bull… He actually tried to save me money. With this, I know my cars are in good hands and will be fixed and running well extending the life of my cars. Steve and his shop provide honest and great service with wonderful and fair prices and that is why he has a good more
deon williamsdeon williams
14:40 03 Aug 23
Totally professional. Steve and crew do a great job. If you have and old school vehicle. This is where u go. You get what you pay for.
Ahmad AlfoqahaAhmad Alfoqaha
21:00 01 Aug 23
They are very friendly and helpful, it’s affordable prices alsoThey checked my car problems when i came to change oil only for free
Jennifer DeWildeJennifer DeWilde
15:43 24 Jul 23
It seem Steve was able to have my 2 - star review removed. Not sure what tricks he uses to get his negative reviews removed but let me try again. He got the car fixed but many... mechanics can do that. The customer service was worthy of 2 stars - but now gets 1 star because he removed my original review. He spent way too much time, wasting my time on the phone, while patting himself on the back and justifying how hard he works for his money. He was given $4600 in labor costs from the warranty company for a two day job. I have no problem with that but when he told me it would make more sense to do the alignment after the new tires were installed he then refused to secure me an reservation for two days later even though he had the opening in his book to do so. He wanted to leave that open for new business. When I suggested he give me the $140 to have the alignment done at the place that was installing my tires he said he could give me $100 of it but he worked too hard with the warranty company so felt justified keeping $40 of it for his "time". Then he said I'll just align it with the old tires on it. All would have been good but he spent a good amount of time every time I spoke to him telling me how much time he "spent on the phone with the warranty company while he multi-tasked." He was self-absorbed, and self-praising and I felt very much like this job was a burden to him rather than a job where he really appreciated that I brought him the business. I didn't hassle this guy, I waited patiently for the updates. But plain and simple he didn't appreciate my business and showed me so by telling me it was better to have the tires aligned after the new tires were installed but refused to accommodate me with a reservation. I recommend he save his time and energy, and bypass the complaining, self-praise and say, "Thank you for your business, we really appreciate it." I rather take my business where it is appreciated. That is part of good customer service, more
Percy PalmerPercy Palmer
22:47 18 Jul 23
I met Steve he diagnosed my issue and promptly repaired a exhaust clamp. I was in and out less than 30 minutes. Very fair pricing with exceptional service, I will return in the... future and recommend. 7/18/23read more
Jacob PetitJacob Petit
18:19 12 Jul 23
Overall experience was great, went to get my flex pipe fixed and they even showed me what would need to be done and the different price ranges depending on how hard the job would... be. Manager and employees very nice, would recommend to anyone looking for a good place to have there car looked more
Lena FooteLena Foote
19:21 01 Jul 23
Steve is so detailed-oriented and will make sure to figure out the problem with your vehicle! He’s very thorough and knows what he’s talking about and I have full trust in him... that he will make my car go the distance!After taking my car to the dealership and then having an issue just 2 days later, Steve was able to diagnose the issue, and even gave me suggestions on what to do for my next visit to keep my car running for as long as I can!Essentially, Steve is the only mechanic I trust! My mom and dad also go to him as well!read more
James ThomasJames Thomas
00:17 30 Jun 23
Steve assessed and completed a safety inspection on my vehicle and discovered a problem that needed immediate attention. My vehicle is heavily modified and he took extra care to... fix the issue. Steve was very professional and knowledgeable about my specific twin turbo setup. Thank you! I would definitely recommend their services!read more
Yvette CollinsYvette Collins
22:39 07 Jun 23
Great business wedding long for the repairs very comfortable facility and work on. My vehicle was done in a time be fashion and to the best standards. I feel they could complete a... job well done guys. I'll see you soon for the next more
Kiarra KingKiarra King
16:03 07 Jun 23
I had a great experience at Vehicle masters! Steve was incredibly thorough and got my car diagnosed properly. I had an oil leak repaired and diagnostic testing on a battery light.... Now my car is up and running smoothly again! They have very fair pricing and made no attempts to overcharge. In fact, when some of the work took less time than anticipated he informed me and charged the proper rate. Nothing like a great and honest mechanic!! Thanks Vehicle Masters!!read more
Kathy LuebkeKathy Luebke
00:44 25 May 23
I was very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and service at Vehicle Masters. Steve provided me with thorough updates and information and was always considerate of the... price for us. I am very excited to have found a reliable place that I can more
14:19 24 May 23
I have had all of my vehicles serviced and repaired for over the last 25 years going back to when he ran the shop as a Merlin's. He and his team have always done great work and... have always charged very reasonable prices for the work. They also always explain and show you what is wrong with your vehicle, bringing you into the shop to see the problem with your own more
Brent DorrisBrent Dorris
18:57 19 May 23
I contacted Steve to perform a PPI on a used vehicle in the Oak Forest area, as I am an out of town customer and to say he was generous with his time is an understatement. He and... his team were extremely gracious and they provided me with the comfort and confidence I needed in order to make an out of state purchase. Additionally, he did it at no cost. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for an honest automotive repair shop. Professionalism to the max. Thank you Steve and team!read more
Melissa ClarkMelissa Clark
23:58 09 May 23
I highly recommend this shop. They do everything your vehicle needs to run like new. Very fast, very honest as the owner tells you everything that he's doing and how every penny... is spent well as break down the details of the repairs and the best possible way to repair the vehicle.. Love this place!!!read more
Sandra DeanSandra Dean
02:25 03 Dec 22
I had a screw in my tire causing a slow leak. I went to two shop on 159th, Firestone and Sams Club. They both said they were closing come back tomorrow. I kept riding down 159the... and noticed the lights on in the shop. The owner, Steve was there cleaning, even though he was closed, he stop and checked my tire found the nail. He went ahead and plugged my tire no charge. Steve is a good guy. I will be going back soon for my oil change. Small business are the best more
Savannah DoyleSavannah Doyle
23:27 02 Dec 22
My dad has been taking our family's cars here for as long as I can remember and we always come back for great, and friendly service. I took my car in for the first time by myself... and, although the name changed from Merlins to Vehicle Masters, hearing the owner Steve answer the phone was an immediate reassurance, knowing I would get straightforward, honest, reasonably priced, friendly, and good care. My car is very old and probably shouldn't last as long as it has- I know I owe Vehicle Masters great care for that!Taken in for everything from my alignment//breaks, to fixing the latch on my hood!read more
Lex CannellaLex Cannella
03:12 22 Nov 22
A+ customer service. Steve made sure to communicate with me regularly in regards to what was going on with my vehicle. He addressed every concern and if there were any other... concerns, he made note of everything and made sure my vehicle was taken care of. I will definitely bring my vehicle back here and recommend Vehicle Masters to my friends and family for more
Stephen BeckerStephen Becker
17:27 15 Nov 22
Excellent. Very happy. My son’s car didn’t start. It just made clicking sounds. I did have a charger at home and charged up the battery enough to get it started. I really... couldn’t be sure if maybe my son left the lights on and accidentally drained the battery is 1 year old or if the alternator wasn’t charging the battery. I did call a place closer to my house but that guy was just trying to sell me a battery without even looking at the car. I called Vehicle Masters and Steve said he would check the batter and test the alternator. Vehicle Masters got me in the same day, tested everything, fully charged my son’s car battery. End result was my son probably just left his lights on and he is not in danger of getting stuck somewhere without the car starting. They didn’t even change me a diagnostic fee. They were very accommodating. Seems like they want to develop long-term more
antonio Brownantonio Brown
15:31 15 Nov 22
This establishment is located within the heart of the south suburbs. The environment is clean, the staff is friendly and they provide excellent service to the customer for... reasonable prices. The owner Steve is honest and will do everything possible to ensure quality work as well as customer satisfaction. I recommend anyone in need of auto body service to stop by here. You will not be more
Danny GDanny G
00:56 01 Nov 22
Steve went above and beyond to help me with a dinky little job bending an exhaust pipe - it was probably more of a hassle for him than anything, but he really went out of his way... to accommodate me for such a small thing. Steve is the kind of mechanic that's really hard to come by - he's good at what he does and isn't out to rip you off. So much in fact he didn't even ask me for any money for helping me out (but don't worry, i know it's not charity work). Only reason i mention that is because it speaks volumes about his character. Super pleased with the service - would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Steve!read more
Jennifer DeWildeJennifer DeWilde
19:04 12 Oct 22
Called ten places for help with diagnostic testing - everyone was three days out to help. The owner here was very helpful in trying to determine if this is a simple fix or... something more complicated. He was very accommodating and didn't hit me with a $175 fee just to walk in the door. I appreciate his business ethic a lot!!! Great A++++ service. Super fast and very fair with pricing! It was a simple fix for $80 and the other places around here wanted to charge me $100-$200 just to tell me what the problem was. He said let’s rule out the simplest possibilities first. He has my business in the future!!! I highly recommend them for your car more
Marlon bellMarlon bell
17:40 28 Aug 22
Lifted my jeep Wrangler 4in in the front and a 3/25in in the rear causing a squat affect..They did a great job had a few problems but the owner took care of it in a timely... more
Gail FloresGail Flores
11:20 28 Jul 22
Have always been very straight forward, fair priced, and eager to get my truck back to me as soon as they can. Have not had to return for any issues they have addressed.
Terry DusekTerry Dusek
10:43 28 Jul 22
I had a great experience. They fixed my car out quickly and even some problems I wasn't aware off. They provided quick and wonderful service.
jeff austinjeff austin
19:05 07 Jul 22
Had my fourth vehicle exhaust done by Vehicle Masters(Merlins) Excellent jobThanks Steven
08:46 07 Jul 22
Great experience. Great customer service
Lawrence LawsonLawrence Lawson
15:01 01 Jun 22
Great guys! They do great dependable work, honest and always helpful and willing to go that extra mile to help.
Zach JoritzZach Joritz
21:03 31 May 22
My family and I have been getting auto repair work done with Steve and his team for over ten years, and every experience has been nothing but professional, courteous, and... knowledgeable. Over the years, we have had repairs done on nearly every part of our cars and the team at Vehicle Masters has always been up to the task. I trust Steve to give me an honest assessment, and to do a high quality job with all repairs. I cannot recommend them enough!read more
Melissa GuarinoMelissa Guarino
15:48 23 May 22
We have been bringing our cars here for the last six years or so. Sometimes we are visiting more often than we would like for various issues, but dealing w/ Steve and team is... always a pleasant experience. They are everything you want out of a mechanic - honest, reasonable, reliable. Steve always takes his time to explain in detail what needs to be done to your car, when, and why. This last time, I mainly dealt with Shin, who also took his time to explain everything going on. As someone trying to get every last mile out of their car, I'm glad they are around. Highly recommend!read more
lonnie knightlonnie knight
00:08 13 May 22
I highly recommend this shop quality work by honest people Dave is the man for the job
Gary MarshallGary Marshall
09:42 04 Apr 22
Great business! Very professional, thoughtful, and they make sure you are completely satisfied with the work throughout the process.
Andy BurnsAndy Burns
18:29 18 Mar 22
First visit after the change over and my experience is starkly different. Much more amenable to discussions and alternative options. Going back shortly to get secondary work... done, looking forward to more
Erika RafaelErika Rafael
03:00 18 Jan 22
Went here to get my Highlander’s drivers side window fixed towards the time they were closing but they still squeezed us in. Excellent customer service! I am definitely coming... back 🙂read more
Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson
15:58 19 Nov 21
Went to get my car serviced & was done in less than an hour!! Parts were the original but new parts for my truck!!! Definitely will be going to them for anything else needed!!!... Highly recommended!!!read more
Scott WinterrothScott Winterroth
02:50 14 Nov 21
The crew at Vehicle Masters is very knowledgeable and trustworthy with my auto repairs and brakes. They are great mechanics that work on all types of cool cars but also work on... regular daily driver vehicles and trucks. I would recommend these local mechanics to anyone looking for a solid, trustworthy service for vehicle maintenance and repairs in Oak Forest. Thanks STEVE!read more
Mitch WeinerMitch Weiner
14:33 21 Sep 21
Good job. Great folks. Straight shooters, reasonably priced, same folks(owner) for decades. I'll definitely be back. Polite, friendly and professional ???
Jason RichardsonJason Richardson
15:19 02 Jun 21
I have been going to Vehicle Masters Performance Center (old Merlin's) in Oak Forest since I was 21 (I am almost 49 now). Steve is the most polite and thorough mechanic and owner... I know. Everyone talks about staying local and keeping our small businesses open, etc well this is definitely one that is a staple of the town of Oak Forest. Highly recommend coming here first and save yourself time shopping around for the right place. This is it! I won't go anywhere more


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