Power Steering Repair


Steering and suspension systems work together to keep the tires on the ground and your vehicle under control.  Power steering problem makes your steering wheel hard to move and suspension problem makes it hard to control the vehicle’s steering.  It’s all connected.

If your car leans into turns, drag in the rear when you accelerate, or the front nosedives when you brake, it’s time for us to have a look. Aged and damaged suspension, will lessen your control over the vehicle. These symptoms are warnings of an increased rollover risk and longer stopping distances.

If your vehicle bounces, sways, squeaks, or has difficulty turning the steering wheel, Vehicle Masters will conduct a thorough inspection of your steering and suspension and other possible causes for your vehicle handling problems. Suspension Services include the replacement of struts, shocks, and springs.  Other related items are mounts, bearing plates, insulators, and wheel alignment to ensure proper tire wear.

How do I know if my suspension is bad?

Bad suspension components leave visible signs of wear, tires always have something to say about your suspension.  Your vehicle’s handling will probably be a good indicator as well.

Signs of a damaged suspension that you can see and hear:

  • A broken spring can cause one corner of your vehicle sits lower than the others.
  • Bounce test.  If the vehicle bounces more than twice, your shocks and/or struts are worn.
  • Cupping on the tires.
  • Fluid leaking from the shocks or struts.
  • Noises on turns or when braking.

Here are several symptoms of a damaged suspension that you can feel as you drive:

  • Rougher than usual ride.
  • Leaning forward, backward, or toward one side as you brake.
  • Pulls or drifts, especially around turns.
  • Pulls or drifts while driving straight. 

Some signs of steering and suspension problems could be brake and tire problems. A brake and tire check takes very little time to do.  Your suspension handles best with four properly inflated tires that are the same. If tire pressure doesn’t fix any noticeable handling problems, make an appointment to have your steering and suspension inspected free of charge.


Frequently Asked Suspension & Power Steering Questions 

Is it safe to drive a car with bad suspension?

Driving with a bad suspension is likely more dangerous than driving with a suspension in good shape. The suspension contributes to your vehicle’s road traction and resistance to centrifugal force when turning and braking. Depending on the suspension problem, you could face increased risk of rolling over, or find yourself unable to stop as quickly as you expect in an emergency.

How do I know if my power steering is bad?

Common symptoms of a power steering problem:

  • Noise when turning: the drive belt can be loose and squeal or a bad power steering pump can grown.
  • Steering is stiff/hard: A bad power steering pump or low fluid – line or hose leak.
  • Vibrating steering wheel: poor pump pressure.
  • Leaks on the Rack-N-Pinion or gearbox

What causes power steering problems?

Power steering problems are typically caused by:

  • A worn power steering pump internally by-passing fluid.
  • Contaminated fluid causing wear to seals
  • Low power steering fluid from leaks in the lines and hoses.
  • A bad drive belt or belt tensioner not gripping the pulleys well.

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