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At Vehicle Masters Tires and Wheels, we stock a wide selection of wheels and tires at our shop in Oak Forest, Illinois.

Before you start shopping for a new set of wheels, consider the advantages and disadvantages of different wheel materials in order to find the best wheel to suit your needs. If you have any questions during your research, simply contact us or call the shop.

Vehicle Masters Wheel Buying Guide

Alloy Wheels are light wheels with improved performance characteristics. These light wheels increase cornering and steering precision, and decrease road feedback for better braking response.

Steel Wheels are heavier wheels that provide vehicles with a lower center of gravity. Steel wheels are perfect for harsh road conditions in the snow or off-road over rugged terrain, but lack other performance capabilities because of the added weight.

Chrome is an aesthetically pleasing finish applied to both alloy and steel wheels. Chrome wheels are sought by drivers concerned with cosmetic appearance. While chrome wheels are known for their metallic mirrored shine, durability, and strength, they require regular attention and cleaning to maintain their visual appeal.

The Manufacturing Process

Cast Wheels: Aluminum wheels are manufactured through a process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold. The shape of the wheel is formed through a process of gravity or pressure casting.

Machined Wheels: The machining process combines casting, heating, spinning, and precise pressurization to fill a mold with molten aluminum and shape the wheel.

Forged Wheels: The forging process takes a solid piece of aluminum and molds the wheel through high heat and extreme pressure. The result is a light, dense, and strong wheel.

The right set of wheels depends on vehicle characteristics and desired ride quality. When choosing wheels for your car, truck, or SUV, consider the following:

Size: Various wheel sizes and weights hold different performance characteristics. If you plan on upgrading your current wheel size, be sure to consider the maximum wheel size allowance on your vehicle.

Weight: Wheel weight impacts vehicle performance. Heavier wheels increase braking distance and reduce handling, while lighter wheels will improve maneuverability and braking performance.

Terrain: Where do you drive most often? Wheels should be selected based on their primary function.

Every customer’s criteria for buying wheels is different, so we urge you to visit us with your questions or concerns. Our team is comprised of wheel and rim experts who remain on the cutting edge of style, configuration, and performance.

For the best aftermarket wheel buying experience around, contact Vehicle Masters today.

How do I determine Backspace and Offset?

  • Backspace is the distance in inches from the edge of the rear flange to the mounting pad.
  • Offsetis the distance in millimeters from the wheel’s imaginary centerline to the mounting pad.

Here’s a handy offset to backspace conversion chart:

Can I use wheel spacers with your wheels?

Generally, we do not condone or recommend using wheel spacers.
They can substantially contribute to wheel balance and drivability issues and present an additional potential point of failure in the wheel to the vehicle’s attachment point.
Wheel spacers also change suspension dynamics, increasing load on important components that may lead to premature wear.

What value should I torque my lug nuts / bolts to?

Our wheels do not have a specific torque value requirement beyond that of the vehicle manufacturer.

We always recommend that you torque your lug nuts/bolts to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for your vehicle.
Manufacturer-recommended lug nut torque specifications are almost always found in the owner’s manual.

Should I get an alignment after I buy new wheels and tires?

While not always necessary, it is good practice to consider getting an alignment periodically to maximize the service life of your tires. Your local dealer will be able to assist with inspecting your vehicle’s alignment and make adjustments if necessary.

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